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Since early 2020, participants in Canada, the US and enrolled under Oneworld Accuracy International can add program subscriptions online directly from OASYS. The feature has been directly embedded in our online catalog, allowing participants to browse, view and order EQA programs from a single convenient platform after they have logged in.

The Online Ordering feature is currently only available for participants in Canada, the US or under Oneworld Accuracy International, with a planned rollout to other participants in a later release.


So how does it work?

  • Log on to OASYS to access your own personalized view of the online program catalog that shows prices for your region.



  • You will notice that an empty cart now appears on the upper right corner of your screen.




  • Browse and view EQA programs as you normally do, adding the desired programs to your cart as you go.



  • Review your cart to view all requested subscriptions and if you log off, no need to worry as these will be saved in your cart until you confirm your orders. Please keep in mind that a full subscription is required before any report-only or sample-only option is added. To learn more about the different subscription options we offer, please click here:



  • Once ready to order, return to the cart to proceed to check out, add any applicable Purchase Order number and confirm. The system will send you an automatic message confirming that the order has been placed.  


  • All processed orders will be added as new subscriptions to your Test Event Dashboard for the selected test event. However, if for any reason the order could not be processed, our Support Team will get in touch with you to discuss the way forward.


For more information about the Online Program Ordering feature, please feel free to access our Support Center,, to view the tutorial or contact us at


Oneworld Accuracy Team

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