New video and image-based programs

In 2019 we successfully implemented virtual microscopy (VM) in OASYS providing 2 virtual microscopy EQA programs for Sperm Viability and Morphology (SPVM434) and Peripheral Blood Morphology and Differential (HEMD434).

In 2020 we are introducing two additional VM EQA programs: Body Fluids Differential (BFLM432) and Sperm Motility (SPMT432). The latter is the first online video EQA program offered by Oneworld Accuracy.  

All of our VM EQA programs allow participants to perform interpretations just by using an online video player/slide viewer with user-friendly functionalities that allows to perform user-controlled movements to multiple microscopic fields and ability to set various magnifications. This innovative system perfectly mimics real-life microscopic examinations of blood smears, body fluids and andrology samples.

Since videos and slides have been seamlessly embedded into the OASYS Test Event Dashboard, there is no need for users to log into other websites for viewing access. This means that participants are able to view the videos or the slides and to submit results in the same browser window,on a single screen. Responses are autosaved, allowing users to resume analysis at their convenience. Online EQA programs have one more added value: they make these types of examinations available globally without the need of shipments and all of the related complications such as delays or issues with specimen homogeneity and integrity. Cost savings and a global reach are an absolute plus of these VM programs.   

Take a look at our online catalog to discover more about these new programs. 

Our EQA programs can be ordered either online by logging into your OASYS account and accessing our online catalog, or by contacting our Oneworld Accuracy Support team at

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