COLABIOCLI Pilot Project

This summer, Oneworld Accuracy (1WA) invited the Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI) to implement an EQA pilot project for its members using 1WA’s Chemistry/Immunoassay – BCHE435 program. The pilot was designed to allow the COLABIOCLI members to establish a baseline performance in biochemistry analytes of their choosing from 10 laboratories in their countries during two test events: test event #3 2019 and test event #1 2020.

The Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry was founded in 1968 in Mar del Plata, Argentina and all local societies of Latin America for Clinical Chemistry are today its members. This includes the member countries of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela and also Spain (AEFA). The mission of COLABIOCLI is the improvement of the profession through policies aimed at the continuous improvement of the ethical and scientific standards of Clinical Biochemistry. The main objective is to establish a system of continuous quality improvement in all laboratories in Latin America, with the cooperation of PAHO / WHO, IFCC, the National Societies of Clinical Chemistry, ministries of Public Health and University Authorities in Latin America.

The objective of Oneworld Accuracy is to promote a collaborative EQA model that helps organizations all around the world responsible for public health to initiate or improve national EQA programs, through the joint use of programs and technology (through the software OASYS - Oneworld Accuracy System). The technology and programs are shared collaboratively with all Oneworld Accuracy members and provides the tools to manage all aspects of the execution of a national EQA program. This collaborative EQA model complies with and promotes the WHO manual to organize a national EQA program for health laboratories and other test sites.

To that end, Oneworld Accuracy was delighted to work with the COLABIOCLI partners to improve laboratory tests in biochemistry in their country and make available the information obtained from the participants to the Confederation to assist them in their quality objectives. This information also provides a more global picture of the use of instruments, methods and reagent in the countries, which will may assist in improvement measures that it deems appropriate

The following national groups participated in the pilot project for test event 3 and they were trained on the use of OASYS during a training session that was held in Panama City in September and online.

  • Laboratorio Nacional Dr. Defillo - Centros de Salud de la República Dominicana – Dominican Republic
  • Sociedad Ecuatoriana De Bioquimica Clinica - Ecuador
  • Asoc.De Quimi.Biologos De Guatemala - Guatemala
  • Colegio De Microbiologos De Honduras - Honduras
  • Colegio De Microbiologos Y Bioq.Clin. De C.Rica – Costa Rica


Ten laboratories per country -national group, received for free 1 set of BCHE435 - Chemistry/Immunoassay samples and had an OASYS account through which they could submit results, access performance reports and other documents. The first event of this pilot project has been completed and the last event in the pilot will take place in April 2020. Upon completion of the last pilot event, Oneworld Accuracy will work with the COLABIOCLI members to analyze the data and determine next steps.

Oneworld Accuracy would like to thank the COLABIOCLI members for their participation in this project.

If you want to get more information on how we can help you to start or improve an EQA program in your country, please email us at

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