Target Laboratory Systems is our New Collaboration Member in Egypt


In addition to our distinguished Collaboration Members in UAE and Jordan (LeanGene), Oneworld Accuracy (1WA) is again reinforcing its presence in the MENA region and this time in Egypt.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Target Laboratory Systems (TLS) has joined the 1WA collaboration and became 1WA’s exclusive representative in Egypt. TLS is now offering nearly 200 medical EQA programs to both public and private laboratories in the country, that are under 1WA’s ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accreditation.

TLS will be also offering 1WA’s unique informatics system (OASYS) to existing and future medical EQA providers as a first step, and this offer will be extended to other EQA providers in the fields of fertilizers, food and water.

TLS, based in Cairo, is an EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) accredited EQA provider and A2LA lead assessor. TLS has extensive experience in servicing healthcare stakeholders in Egypt and the Middle East. This experience includes supporting testing laboratories with world-class EQA programs and consulting services. TLS also has outstanding working relationships with public and private laboratories and key healthcare stakeholders in Egypt.

Welcome to 1WA collaboration, TLS.

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