Dr. Michael A. Noble has joined Oneworld Accuracy

Oneworld Accuracy is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael A. Noble has joined its Scientific Advisory Board in the capacity of Medical Director, Microbiology EQA.
Dr. Noble will lead efforts to add clinical relevancy and educational elements to microbiology EQA flows within the OASYS (Oneworld Accuracy System) informatics system.
Dr. Noble will also lead a new initiative EQASP - EQA Sample Production Program launched at ASLM Abuja in December 2018. This initiative will enable public stakeholders to produce their own EQA samples to international standards starting with a staged Microbiology Starter (5 days onsite training) followed by Microbiology Advanced (10 days onsite / offsite training).
Dr. Noble is the founder and Managing Director of the Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing Program (CMPT) and the Program Office for Laboratory Quality Medicine (POLQM) of the University of British Columbia and co-author of the World Health Organization’s guidelines for establishing national EQA programs.
"I am very excited about joining the Oneworld Accuracy team", states Dr Noble, "with its exceptional informatics expertise and the unrivaled global adoption of the collaborative EQA model. Empowering public health stakeholders to make their own microbiology EQA samples and managing their EQA programs on OASYS is a complete, turnkey solution and one that builds upon my professional quest to improve the quality of microbiology testing through EQA congruent with WHO guidelines."
Dr. Noble can be reached at
Organizations interested in the EQA Sample Production Program can contact for program details.
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