Our Culture

It starts with our Mission. To achieve universal testing accuracy for improved healthcare for all people. Sure, it's ambitious, but more importantly we believe that what we do is worthwhile -- and achievable.

Passion. Everyone here has passion about what they do. We hire passionate people who want to make a difference. They bring that passion to work every day and it shows. They care about their colleagues and our Collaboration Members and participants. They accept our unique calling to make a positive impact globally. There's no room for mediocrity with these values.

Attitude + Aptitude. We hire as much for attitude as aptitude. We value both. We can train for new skills we need to have but we can't train for values. Attitude is in your DNA. You either have it or you don't.

Agile. For us, this isn't just a business buzzword. Agile is a methodology and approach we've adopted that makes us creative, productive and democratic. People are not just productivity units. They need to be connected and feel secure and know that their values and talents align with something bigger that we all share -- Oneworld Accuracy.

If you share our culture, we invite you to join us.

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