How can I update my shipping, billing or contact information?

  1. If you are the shipping contact and wish to update the shipping information, please login to your OASYS account and click on Personal under the Profile heading.
  2. If you are the billing contact please do the same to update the billing information. 
  3. Click the Modify icon for “Profile 1”
  4. Make all necessary changes and click the double arrow to the right to submit.

If you are not the shipping or billing contact but wish to update this information please contact the primary contact for your OASYS account or

send a request to

Make sure to include the following information:

  • OASYS ID (example BC1527)
  • Previous contact information (first and last name)
  • New contact information (first and last name, email address, phone number, work address and contact type such as billing, shipping or reporting).


The Personal option allows the authorized user to modify, add or delete his/her personal information in regard to address, contact type, and user information. A user can only change his/her own profile except the primary contact who can modify all contacts information for a given laboratory.

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